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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have to admit

I was very disappointed when I found out that our second child would be a girl. I had myself convinced that I was going to be surrounded by boys my entire life and was just fine with that. The Boy was so very cuddly and sweet and I wanted that again. Basically, I knew boys and was having trouble imagining having a girl. The unknown was a fear.

Of course, I wouldn't trade her for the world now. No, she's not a particularly snuggly baby and there is a fair amount of drama even at five-and-a-half months (I detest the phrase "save the drama for your mama" because I do not want the drama any more than you do, trust me). But she is so very pretty and can already entertain herself for a few minutes and she so loves her brother. The Boy might not realize it, but I think a sister is the best gift we ever gave him.

And the clothes are really, really fun.

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