Christy needs to Blog: International baby sign for "tickle"

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

International baby sign for "tickle"

My boy still uses some of his sign language on a daily basis even though he usually says the word for what he is signing at the same time. We didn't go balls-out with the sign language - we just taught him enough to get him through the really frustrating time and so that he could communicate his basic needs and wants. "More" and "help" are the far-and-away most used words and signs in our family. EVERYTHING is "more" except when he's really tired and then it's all "help." Well, at least he asks, right?

That got me thinking about signs we teach our kids without it being something intentional. i.e.: the international baby sign for "tickle." Do you know it?

1) Make a fist with either hand (or both!) and hold it just to one side of your face. Your fingers should be facing away from your face.

2) Raise your index finger (also know as the "pointy" finger) straight up.

3) Bend your index finger at both knuckles. Slowly at first and moving to a rapid pace.

You will likely induce the giggles of a toddler - or a lover as they also seem to enjoy the tickling - without saying a word or touching them. Fits of laugher can be further enhanced by uttering "I'm gonna get you!" If for some unforeseen reason this should fail to elicit the desired response, perform step 3 as stated above with a finger placed in the underarm area or on the ribs.

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