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Sunday, July 30, 2006

A bunch of stuff

God bless RustyJoy for getting married. Not only has it been too long since I have seen her in all her fantastic beauty (Seriously. Go look at the link and see how pretty she is!), but her wedding is giving me a vacation. After the horrible day I had on Wednesday, J suggested that I go to the wedding - I'm assuming I'm invited - on my own. He's taking days off from work and everything. I seriously can't wait to sleep until I wake up and to be responsible only for myself for 48 hours.

I think that the reason that I was having such a hard time with the boy the other day is that he got over-tired somehow. The weird thing about little kids is that when they are too tired, they sleep even less. I'm working to both tire him out each day and allowing him as much time to rest as possible and it's a delicate balance that I frequently don't get right. At least I have tomorrow to try again! Thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate the support and suggestions and just knowing that people are thinking about me and hoping for the best for my family makes a real difference. You guys are the best!

Thursday we had a meeting with our financial advisor. At her urging, we took the boy along. He was generally well-behaved, but he is a busy two-year old. He took an interest in a smallish globe decoration and J decided to hand it to him. The boy is used to throwing balls. I don't think that he has ever been handed a ball that would break if he threw it. He's had balls that might break something else if he threw them hard enough, but nothing that it's self would break. You guessed it - that ball ending up unceremoniously to the floor and crack! Let's just say I didn't expect to be $25 poorer after our meeting. The financial advisor was very nice and told us it wasn't necessary to replace it, but I was not about to let my kid destroy something in a professional office and not make it right.

Lastly, I'd like to damn The Wiggles. I don't hate The Wiggles like many parents. I find them fine entertainment for my two-year old. I do, however, take issue that they yell at Jeff when he falls asleep, as is the schtick for his character, to "Wake up, Jeff!" Why would I have a problem with this? Well, now every time the boy sees us looking even remotely like we might be sleeping - even if it is us resting our eyes or looking down at fuzz on the carpet - he yells "JEFF!" at us. It's funny, but I try not to encourage him. I'm waiting for the day he surprises us by walking into our room - you know, having climbed out of his crib when we thought he couldn't - and screaming "JEFF!" at us sometime before 7 am. Don't worry; I'll let you know when it happens.
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