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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Boy started school in August. I had high hopes for how he would do, but was realistic expectations of his reaction: I expected a lot of crying. The very first day, we went to school with him. It was a double whammy for me - I left the Girl for the very first time and it was my oldest child's first day of school. We were with him so the first day was great. He said that he would be fine when he had to come by himself. Sure enough, he got out of the car the next day without looking back and I was left feeling like I'd left my arm somewhere. Some integral part of me was missing and I felt lost all morning and even more lost that he seemed so very okay without me. I was pleased that drop-off had gone so well, but was mourning his desire to be with me all the time just a bit. Hey, I'm not proud that I was disappointed that he didn't cry just a little. I just love him and it's a hard day for a mom.

I wasn't "disappointed" for long.

Poor little boy - I forget he's just a little guy, sometimes - cried the whole day. About ten minutes after he got to school, the tears arrived and stayed for the next four days. I had to push him out the door of the car into the waiting arms of sweet old lady and then drive away. I literally peeled him off of the back of the front seat like one might pry an octopus off a clam then smiled and told him to have a good day. I love you! I'm not going to save you!

Then he got sick. Illness combined with sobbing every time we mentioned school on Monday made for a weekend that wasn't all together pleasant. When Monday finally rolled around, he was still sick. Just a cold, but he was a slimey, sobbing mess so I caved - he stayed home.

That day home did the trick. The next day he was ready to go to school and shed no tears. Not one! Now he rarely remembers to tell me goodbye in the morning and loves school. He hates it when school is closed for a holiday, even.

Being "Mom" is both extremely rewarding and heart-wrenching, frequently at the same time.

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