Christy needs to Blog: I can't believe the nerve of some peoople

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I can't believe the nerve of some peoople

So people are looking at my home. The showing service called in the ten minutes between when I left my parents house and got home to put the boy down for his afternoon nap. I called the showing serivce back and told them that these people were welcome to come look at the home, but if they came before 4 p.m., they would not be able to see one room. The people came (are here, in fact) and I went into the front yard with my trusty PowerBook and baby monitor. What did they do? Took their coughing child into my son's bedroom while he slept. They didn't wake him at that point, but did shortly after with loud voices and now he is likely not going to finish a nap he desperately needs today. Don't they know he's the king!?!

In addition, they let their child - who sounded ill - play with my son's toys. Thanks, jerks. I am so not cut out for real estate.

Update: After a long rocking session - that required me to change into a lighter shirt once I was done since I was so active and freakin' frustrated - the boy appears to be sleeping and will hopefully finish his afternoon nap after all. Or perhaps not since he just started fussing...
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