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Monday, January 22, 2007

Confounded by my two-year old

All weekend the boy was on the sensitive side. Barely touches his head on a cabinet? He cried. Ran a Hot Wheels car roughly over his finger? He shouted and said "Mommy, kiss it" all forlorn like. He was a bawling little mess at every tumble, the poor dear.

This morning I'm changing his diaper and getting him dressed and the has blood on his chin. Blood on his chin. And there he lies, calm as sloth growing mold. I ask what happened; is he hurt? He doesn't seem to know, but his lip is bleeding a little and it looks like one of his teeth scraped off a quarter inch section of skin off his little pouter. What happened to cause the injury, I have no idea, but I have to assume it didn't hurt.

We went to the post office and were back home by 10:15. By 11:15 this child had not only the fat, scabby lip from the morning, but a bruise above his left eye and FOUR scratches on his face. And not once did he make a peep to let me know that anything had hurt him and I didn't see him fall! He did have a hang nail that I must assume was the cause of the scratches but the rest of his injuries are a mystery.

Does anyone else see an ER visit in my future this year?

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