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Friday, January 05, 2007

Finally - Christmas pics

Christmas 2006 was a wonderful and happy blur. Far, far more enjoyable than last year.

The boys put out cookies (Sugar-free Mint Milanos) and milk for the Big Guy:

They had to sample. Just to be sure they were worthy cookies:

Santa came! Gandalf is looking to see if he got what he asked for. I miss the tree already:

Christmas morning and Holy Moly! The cookies are gone:

Remember back in the 80s these penguin tracks were in the kiosks in every mall? Santa found one and brought it to J and the boy:

It was love at first sight. The wooden train set (from mommy and daddy, not Santa) was a big hit:

Because I asked them to, my parents got the boy a play vacuum. He adores it and "helps" his dad (Am I lucky or what!?! Two men who don't mind a little vacuuming!):

p.s. - I switched to the "new" Blogger and it may have messed up the comments on previous posts. If a comment you made seems to have been deleted or is suddenly marked "anonymous", my apologies!

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